Friday, July 25, 2008

We are family

As I've mentioned earlier, I'm the youngest of three girls. I have two older sisters, L and K. L is seven years older than me (well, 6 years and 363 days if you want to get technical, my birthday is two days before hers, which wasn't always ideal growing up, but makes it really easy to remember now). K is approximately 4 years older than me.

Here we are at my wedding (L on the left, K on the right and me in the middle as the gorgeous bride):
I'm having a thing for going back and posting wedding photos, huh? This happens to be one I can find fairly easily where we all look presentable. We've changed a bit during the last five years (L has longer hair and has lost some weight, I'm currently pregnant, K looks pretty much the same, only thinner, too) but not enough that you can't tell who we are.

We don't really look related. L and K are shorter than me by about 6". L has dark brown hair and blue eyes, K has blondish hair (when she gets highlights) and brown eyes and I have boring brown hair and eyes. Certain features are similar on all three, but when you put us together you kind of wonder which one was the milkman's kid and which was the postman's.

Personality-wise, we're all three different, too. L is more into science, which is good as she's a nurse (she was always the one to go help when dad needed to pull a calf or help the vet). K is the personable, social, studious one. I'm the independent, creative, "weird" one. I'd say K and I are more alike than either of us are with L, but even we have our differences.

Growing up, it seemed like L and K liked to gang up and either pick on me or leave me out of the fun stuff. I can hardly blame them now, I mean, who wants their annoying baby sister constantly following them around? I got back at them, K especially, by raiding closets and being generally snoopy and a PITA. By the time I was 16 or so, and they'd each been out of the house for a few years, we started getting a long much better and now we're all close. As close as we can be living a few hours apart from each other, anyway.

Also as I mentioned earlier, the farm where I grew up has been in our family since the 1920s. My paternal great-grandpa originally bought it, then my grandpa took it over a few years after he married my grandma and then dad and his brothers took it over in the '60s.

Here's my dad's family:
Aren't they a happy bunch? My dad is the youngest, right in the middle of the photo. I can guarantee you that my grandma made the majority of the clothes everyone wore. My paternal grandparents have a very interesting story behind their courtship that I'll have to share sometime.

Just for fun, here's one from when dad was younger:
And here's a cute photo of my mom when she was a baby:
My mom is the oldest of four - she has two younger brothers and one younger sister. Unlike my dad, she did not grow up on a farm, but is still from a small town.

I love old photos. It's so much fun to look back and see what your parents looked like when they were young, back before you gave them gray hair and wrinkles from staying out until 2 am without calling first to tell them your friends' car broke down and you were just trying to help them jump start it before you realized it was the alternator or belt fan or something that can't be fixed with jumper cables (yes, I really did that once - I wasn't always the most responsible in high school).

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