Friday, August 29, 2008

Are you ready for some football?

Growing up in a small town, going to the local football games was just something you did on a Friday night. The team wasn't particularly good during my time in high school, but considering most of the fans/parents were people who had grown up in my hometown, they had a loyal backing.

I never really understood much about football until I finally asked my dad about the finer points of the game. I knew the obvious basics - when our team was on offense vs. defense, how many points a touchdown was vs. a field goal or a safety. But he explained about downs and rush vs. pass plays.

When I got to college, I attended almost every football game I could. My freshman year I had to because I was a member of the marching band. But even after I wasn't in the band, I went to the games. Ever since we were little, we were "encouraged" to cheer for our Alma Mater. (The hub calls it brainwashing, I call it being a loyal fan. :p) It didn't hurt that my parents had season tickets and them coming down for a game meant a free meal!

I learned a little more about the finer points of football through those years, but my knowledge really increased when I met the hub. It's hard not to glean information when your husband is a football fanatic (granted, he did spend a good 15 years playing in some sort of football league). From the end of August until the Superbowl, the TV is turned on to football on Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays and Monday nights. And much of the time I will sit down and watch. Not all day, mind you, I have other things to do like laundry and soak in a 3-hour bath. And by soak in a 3-hour bath, I mean sit in the tub for 30 minutes before someone is yelling for something. Unless its naptime. Then I can get a good solid hour in.

The hub is especially happy because my office has a Fantasy Football league that I've participated in for the last 5 years. That means I actually *want* to watch NFL games - or at least the ones that have my players.

So I've learned why certain players wear certain numbers and the difference between the shotgun formation and the I formation (actually, I'm still kind of fuzzy on that one). At least he doesn't mind me asking all these annoying questions, usually during the middle of a game.

Football season officially started in our house last night with the opening game of my Alma Mater. We tromped the opponent, thankfully (nevermind the fact it was a DI-AA team). I just hope my team can continue the good streak. I'm not as optimistic as my dad, who believes our team can beat everyone, but I at least hope we can beat our in-state rival plus a few others. It's always nice to have bragging rights, especially on the side of the state we live on.

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