Saturday, August 30, 2008

Easiest lunch ever

Our refrigerator is woefully bare. We are completely out of sliced bread and milk, are down to two lonely slices of sandwich meat and half a container of dejected looking spinach.

I had plans to go to the grocery store, but that wasn't going to happen until the kiddo went down for his nap. While we were on our walk down to the park, it hit me. I could make beefburgers!

Growing up on a cattle farm meant we always had a good supply of meat in our freezer, including 5-10 pounds of ground beef in one-pound packages. It was always easy to grab one, thaw it out in the microwave and make something quick. That something quick was often beefburgers (you might know them better as sloppy joes).

The motley cast of characters:
- 1 lb ground beef
- ketchup
- yellow mustard
- minced onion
- garlic powder

And that's it.

Step one, brown your ground beef:

You'll probably want to drain it. The nice thing about this package was it was really lean, so most of the fat cooked off (and I didn't really feel like wrasseling hot grease into a tiny drinkable yogurt container - the nearest handy grease receptacle I could find.) Throw your minced onion in while it's cooking, too, so they get nice and soft. No set amount, just a good few shakes.

Next, squeeze in some ketchup. And by some I mean a lot.
You can always add more if you need. Stir it well.

Then, add some yellow mustard. Again, no set amount, just a good squeeze. You don't need as much mustard as you do ketchup.

Stir it well again. It should have a lovely orangeish hue at this point. Taste it and see if it needs more ketchup or mustard.

I decided this batch needed a bit more ketchup, mustard and minced onion, so I tossed some more in.
And mixed it well.

Then, place a few spoonfuls on a hamburger bun and you're ready to go.

You can top it with cheese and/or pickles, like I did. Or more ketchup if you're really daring (my dad does, he's a really live-on-the-edge kind of guy). And enjoy! They are kind of messy, so you'll probably need a fork or some chips to scoop up what falls out of the bun while you're eating. Or you can be really classy like I was today and just pick it up with your fingers.

I'm sure some of you are probably thinking "That's the most disgusting thing I've ever seen - ground beef, ketchup and mustard? Yick." And it is, kind of, but in a disgustingly tasty way. I just don't really think about what's actually in it while I'm eating. When you need quick and you don't have much else in the house, this does the trick.

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