Saturday, August 16, 2008


Tonight we had one of my favorite summer meals:

- locally processed bratwurst made from a locally grown hog
- locally grown sweet corn purchased from the farmer's market this morning
- locally grown ginormous muskmelon also purchased from the farmer's market this morning
- bread and butter (storebought. I haven't quite figured out the whole making my own bread thing yet, although our Grandma B was a whiz at it - that was one of the best things about their house; she always had homemade bread with homemade strawberry jam or homemade cookies/cakes to snack on. It's no wonder I was a chubby kid!)

I couldn't even fit in any dessert, I was so full after that. The only thing that was missing was a nice, cold beer. Unfortunately, I still have about 6-7 weeks before I can enjoy one again.

It's another perfect night out - in the 60s with no humidity. We have all the windows open and the cicadas are singing their nightsong. The hub and the kiddo are watching the Olympics (with color commentary from the kiddo: "That lady running! She go faster! There's two motorcycles! They all girls running!")

I bought 4 dozen ears of yummy sweet corn from the farmer's market this morning with the intentions of freezing sweet corn tomorrow. I'll be sure to document and share when I do.

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