Friday, September 5, 2008


I'm kind of freaked out by the fact some of my internet mom friends are already discussing what their children are going to be for Halloween. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't like Halloween (I mean, free candy, hello!), I just don't get all up into the whole grandiose costume thing. Then again, I've never had a kid old enough to care, either, so that all my change. Soon.

Halloween wasn't a big deal at our house growing up. It's kind of difficult to trick or treat when you live out in the country. Our parents would usually drive us around to relatives and a few nearby friends' houses, but that was about it. Once or twice, when I was older, I did get to ToT in town which significantly increased my candy haul.

That meant our costumes were generally pulled together about 30 minutes prior to leaving and consisted of dress up or play clothes we had around the house. One year I was a clown (costume pulled from our dress up stash and worn by both sisters at some point before me). Another I was Minnie Mouse (skirt of my own paired with a MM sweatshirt and the MM ears I got on our trip to Disneyland when I was 6). One memorable year I was Wonder Woman (kickass WW underoos worn over flannel red footie pajamas and a WW mask. What, it was cold that year!)

So I'm completely out of my element when it comes to dressing the kiddo up for Halloween. His first year, he wore an adorable monkey costume my mother made (thank God for Grandma and her magical sewing machine). He had no clue what was going on, and it was mostly so we could take pictures of him looking cute (to be used for blackmail when he's in high school) and then eat all the candy he hauled in at the three whole houses we visited.

Freakin' adorable. [That's a set-up photo, btw. He did not haul in that much loot. That was courtesy of our own candy bowl.]

Last year we took a page from my childhood and dressed him up as a farmer in things we had [mostly] around the house:
Okay, so he looks like a cross between a farmer, train engineer and bank robber, but whatever. It worked and he didn't care. [The hat stayed on for approximately 3.92 seconds, btw.]

So I have no idea what we're going to do this year. I'm almost afraid to ask the kiddo what he wants to be because he's 1) old enough to actually choose something and 2) he'll change his mind 392 times before Halloween. The new kidlet will be here by then, so I think the hub will have to take the kiddo around by himself while I stay home in our nice, cozy house, doing my tradition of watching as many Harry Potter movies as possible while tossing candy out to the hoards of grabby costumed children (and a few high schoolers that think they're funny) that grace our steps.

So, any ideas for a cute but easy (and preferably cheap) costume for a largeish 2.5-year-old red-headed boy who is currently obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine, the Backyardigans and Little Einsteins?


kmm0305 said...

Will he actually go up to the doors and say anything? I suppose if you do your neighbors since you know them. Otherwise, don't stress too much about it. :P He could be Dr. Emma in pink scrubs or a cowgirl or Dorothy or a princess or a fairy; I can hook you up with all of those! And you just gave me a great blog topic, thanks!

red said...

freaks me out too! I have no idea what the kidlets will be this year, and probably won't decide until sometime on the 30th. the 30th of October, thank you very much :D lol

Mom on the Run said...

I am such a lazy mother that I always made my kids be a ballerina (recital costume) or baseball player (last spring's uniform). Yeah, they were always thrilled.

The best outfit I ever saw was from my fantastically creative friend (the wrestling coach's wife). One year she dressed her son as a bank robber. He wore his sister's black leggings and turtleneck, a little black stocking cap, and carried a pillowcase that she filled up with paper and wrote $$$$$ on the front. What a genius.