Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Oh yes, it will be mine

For the past 3 years and change, our family vehicle has been a 2005 Jeep Liberty CRD - diesel. A lot of people gave us strange looks when we said it was a diesel. More than a few times I had guys [usually] comment "you know that's diesel fuel, right?" when I was filling it up. I usually just smiled and said "Yes" when in my head I wanted to affect a Valley Girl accent and respond "Ohmigod, for real? I just thought the green pump was supercute!"

Like this, only in black:With sweet heated leather seats (very nice in the Midwestern winters), 4WD, 6 CD changer and sunroof. Yeah, we were spoiled. The hub has a slight obsession with diesel trucks, mostly beacuse that's what they had on the farm when he was growing up. When I met him he was driving a mid-90s Dodge Diesel. Not exactly a dream date vehicle, but there was also an element of comfort (we had diesels on our farm, too).

When we had the kiddo in 2006, we managed to make it work with the carseat. The hub is a big guy (6'4") so that meant he was always the one driving on extended trips (he had to lean his seat back, gangsta style, to see out the windshield) and I was eating dash. Not ideal, but doable.

Unfortunately, with the impending arrival of the kidlet, we're going to have to get a new vehicle. There is no way in Hades we can fit two carseats plus two Amazon adults in the Jeep. Just not gonna happen. So we researched and tested and decided we really liked the GM crossovers. My parents had bought an Acadia earlier in the year and we were able to drive theirs and really liked everything about it.

So we had it all planned, we would trade in our Jeep, get the Saturn Outlook and everything would be peachy. Except the trade-in value on the Jeep sucked. Way sucked. We thought we were doomed. We even attempted to sell it ourselves in the hopes of getting a little more money for it, but that wasn't working either.

Thankfully fate (in the form of the current GM employee discount) stepped in last night and we were able to work it in our budget to trade-in the Jeep and get the new 2009 Saturn Outlook.

Like this:
Only in midnight blue (because that's what the dealer had in stock). And it will be ours Thursday! Hooray! It doesn't have quite all the bells and whistles the Jeep has (no sunroof and no multiple CD changer, though it does have an MP3 plug-in) I love it when people (ie, the bank) says "Here's $XXXXX. That will be in your account later today." Of course, we do have to pay it back and all that, but still. And my credit score totally rocks. It's even better than the hub's, ha!

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