Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Stick a fork in me

'Cause I am Done and ready to have this kidlet.

I really can't complain, I have fairly easy pregnancies. No wicked morning sickness; no debilitating sciatica; no constant migranes; no issues with high blood pressure or gestational diabetes. I have the usual pregnancy complaints -- my ass has its own gravitation pull; I'm more tired and out of breath than usual; I have a foot constantly in my ribs; and I've sadly developed more strech marks this time around.

I just grow really big babies. And even though I have plenty of height to grow these babies, they still take up a lot of room. Probably because the hub is tall/large himself and together our genetic code combines to create a super race of gigantic humans. Okay, not really, but it would be a great cheesy SciFi channel movie, wouldn't it?

The kiddo was born 7-10 days (depending on whether I want to go by my ovulation date or LMP date) early and was *still* 8 lbs 11 oz and 22" long. With a big, round head. A very big, round (well, not so round once it went through the birth canal) head.

They say consecutive children tend to be even larger. Dear God I hope not, otherwise by the time I get to our third (hopefully there will be a third) that one will walk out of the hospital wearing 3T clothes.

As of yet, my OB hasn't mentioned anything about this baby being of unusual size. She made an offhand comment about how it will probable be another 8 lb kid, but I think I can handle that. I hope I can handle that. I know I can handle that if I get a lovely, lovely epidural like I did with the kiddo anyway.

I also discovered at the previous week's appointment (wtih a different OB because I was in the "rotation") that I was already starting to dilate at 36 weeks. That kind of freaks me out because I was almost as far along last week as I was when my water broke with the kiddo. That means this kidlet could potentially come Any Day Now. We are so not ready for Any Day Now. Have I mentioned that I thought it would be okay for the hub to start a major bathroom renovation about a month ago and it's only just over halfway done and all the junk and crap and odds and ends that were previously in the old bathroom are now sitting around the nursery just hanging out with the stuffed animals and crib? Yeah. Definite pregnancy-related lapse in reason on my part. But the bathroom will be awesome when it's finished, so I suppose I can deal for now.

The hub is traveling back to Indiana this weekend for an awards ceremony at his Alma Mater. It's something he cannot miss. So he'll be 7+ hours away. I'm actually really disappointed that I can't be there with him, but that's not going to happen. Thankfully, my mom and my oldest sister are able to be here with me and the kiddo this weekend just in case I were to go into labor. I'm really hoping I won't. Really, really hoping. But anytime after the 21st is cool with me.

I'm just hoping this kidlet doesn't wait until October, becuase I don't know if I can handle that. Besides, I much prefer sapphires to opals and the hub has already hinted at a kidlet birthstone present like the one I got with the kiddo.

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