Thursday, October 2, 2008


After waiting and feeling this kid was never going to be born, she's finally here!

The hub and I went to my normal 39w OB appointment Tuesday and brought up our size concerns yet again with the OB. She had us schedule an u/s to check on the size, and they happened to have an opening available right after lunch.

We were shocked as all get out when the u/s tech told us the estimated weight was 10lb 3 oz! The OB must have been shocked as well, as she had us wait while she was on the phone with the OB on call at the hospital the next day to schedule us for an induction.

Our sweet [not so] little baby girl was born Wednesday, October 1, at 6:42 pm weighing in at a massive 10lb 6.5oz and measuring 22.25" long. She beat her brother by about 2 lbs and .25". I was able to deliver her naturally (with drugs, I'm not crazy!). I don't get my September birthstone, but I do have a healthy Kappa legacy. I guess opals aren't all that bad.

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