Thursday, November 13, 2008


One of my LJ friends coined a term combining the words hair and history: hairstory. A pictoral evolution of ones personal hairstyles.

My hairstory is fraught with bad 80s and 90s hair (though not as bad as my sisters, thank goodness).

I had the usual little girl "bowl cut with bangs look"
(that's my lovely sister sporting the similar blonde 'do on the right)

I had the poodle perm through most of late elementary and some middle school (no pictures easily accessible, though, thank goodness. Let me tell you, I was one rockin' chick with my poodle perm and huge glasses.)

I kind of started caring about what my hair looked like in high school, but was always too lazy to really style it. Junior year I got it cut in "the Rachel" but rarely took the time to do anything with it.

And so began the neverending cycle of "Grow it Long/Cut it Off."

Junior year of college, it was really short:
I kind of liked it, but was a PITA to keep up because you had to get it trimmed every 6 weeks or so. And when you have it short like that, you do have to style it, or it just looks icky. So I grew it out.

It was the longest I think it's ever been right before my wedding - about to the middle of my back. That's something for my poor, lifeless, thin hair.

It was similar to this:
I'm pregnant with the kiddo here, so it was about 3 years ago.

I've gone a little shorter since then, but nothing shorter than chin-length. For a while, I had a Pob, the reverse bob as made popular by Posh Spice, but decided to grow that out to my current style: boring bob.

I'm bored with my hair again. I realized this as I was drying and styling it this morning. I hate drying my hair. Hate it. But I have to if I want it to look even somewhat remotely decent and non-bagladyish. And I never know how to style it. It never seems to look like I want it to in my mind's eye.

I'm in the middle of the Grow it Long portion of my cycle and I have to decide if I want to keep growing it out or get it cut off. I'm due for another haircut in a few weeks. Blah. I never know what to do with my hair. I'm in dire need of a date with Lady Clairol, too, to color my hair and try and get rid of the redness/brassiness that always comes with at-home color.

As an aside, I'm trying out some new shampoo and conditioner as I'd finished my Burt's Bees stuff I talked about in this post. I saw these at Target and decided to try them out:

Say Yes to Carrots Shampoo and Conditioner

I like them so far. The smell is nice, though it took a little getting used to after the Burt's Bees stuff - the Yes to Carrots is more clean and not as floral/herby as the Burt's Bees. I like how it makes my hair feel and I don't have to use a ton to feel like I'm getting my hair clean.


kmm0305 said...

Now you have to preface that picture by saying the only time our mom curled our hair like that was for Christmas. :P

When I was in for a haircut on Friday my stylist suggested a body wave. It was tempting (but too expensive). Maybe sometime, because my hair is even more limp/lifeless/thinner than yours. So that is my vote--go get a body wave again so you don't have to blow dry.

Jer979 said...

Really appreciate the shout-out to Yes To products. Thanks so much.

Would love to send you some free samples as a thank you.

Here's the form

Let me know if you have any questions.