Monday, November 17, 2008


For some odd reason, our bookmarked link to google goes to the Spanish version instead. Thankfully, I can remember enough of my high school Spanish to figure out the link to log in (and how to ask what time it is and where the library is) but it's certainly strange. I haven't bothered to take the time to figure out how to make it go back to regular
The kiddo is at that fun age where you never know what's going to come out of his mouth next. Some recent gems:
"Daddy, the excavator went home to his mommy and daddy excavator. He missed them." (upon seeing that the construction equipment that had been working on a street on the way to daycare was gone. And yes, knows the names of the different construction equipment. The best is hearing him say aerial ladder truck.)

"We've got a mission!" (upon the hub asking the kiddo how they were going to fit his winter coat into the already full locker at daycare. Methinks the kiddo has been watching too much Little Einsteins.)

"We're not going to see the turkeys. They take a nap."
(declaration on the way to church yesterday. We go by a wooded area where we often see wild turkeys.)

We really need to get a secret video camera or something because at least two or three times a day the kiddo will bust out with something that has me and the hub in stitches. The most difficult is when the kiddo *knows* he's doing something he's not supposed to, but also knows he's so dang cute we can't help but smile.
Our movie of choice today was Love Actually.

Again, set in London and as an extra bonus, set during my favorite time of year - Christmas. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy that movie. I may have to watch it again soon!
I'm mourning the fact that my maternity leave is almost done - I only have two weeks left. My butt will thank me for going back to work, though, as it won't be planted on the couch 20 hours of the day. I also won't be eating candy and cookies galore - even my postpartum fat pants are beginning to get a bit tight and I don't think my work would appreciate me wearing my grungy stretchy yoga pants every day. But I will miss the snuggle time with the kidlet.

Speaking of the kidlet, she's no longer entertained by the swing. I suppose I should get her out before her mild complaining turns into full-scale caterwauling.


Mom on the Run said...

"Love Actually" and "While You Were Sleeping" are two of my favorite Christmas movies.

I have them in VHS, though, so I have to be ironing in my laundry room to watch them 'cuz that's where the old tv/vcr combo is located. Not that excited to watch them....yet!

kmm0305 said...

I don't think I've even ever seen "Love Actually". Got a copy I can borrow? Time to get some new viewing. And MOTR, I could watch your VHS while I'm on the treadmill--that's all we have in there right now!