Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Hangover

I love the holidays.

I hate the letdown when they're done. And the mess.

It seriously looks like Toys 'R' Us threw up in our house. There are toys and boxes and stuff everywhere. Compound that with being gone the previous four days, so there are also piles of laundry, random boots and shoes in the entryway and pine needles everywhere from our not-quite-dead Christmas tree (I could have sworn we watered it before we left!).

And now we succumb to the Christmas Hangover. You know, that feeling you get after the presents are all unwrapped, the last cookie has been eaten, the last carol has been sung. The deflated, "now what do we look forward to" feeling.

Thankfully, the kiddos aren't old enough to feel that yet. I remember growing up, I used to try and make Christmas last as long as possible. We'd make mom keep the decorations up until Epiphany (which also happened to be our oldest sister's birthday). I would play my Christmas music in my room until I had to go back to school.

I don't mind winter, but January-March is just so bland without the cheeriness of the holidays.

I do have a birthday coming up, though. It's a big one, too. Hello Thirties!

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