Thursday, December 18, 2008

Let it snow?

One thing we're used to from growing up in the Midwest is to expect the unexpected when it comes to weather.

That's why when we start hearing cries of Winter Weather Advisory! we usually just shake our heads and say "yeah, right."

Occasionally the weather forecasters do a pretty good job and manage to hit the storms right, but most of the time they don't. Which, I guess, is kind of the nature of weather - to be somewhat unpredictable, right?

We're supposed to be getting this Big Sleet/Snow/Ice storm right about now. First it would hit around 3 pm. Then they changed it to after 6. Now it's after 8 pm and we're just starting to see the first hints of sleet.

Supposedly we're to get 3-8" of snow overnight and through the morning. That means we'll either get dumped on with a foot of snow, or we'll get barely a dusting. That's how things usually work around here.

It was lots of fun when we had a big snowstorm growing up. If the electricity went off, dad would go out and hook up a tractor to the generator so we'd have one working outlet. Sometimes they'd move a TV to the outlet and we'd all cozy up and watch a movie. Sometimes we'd light a fire and cozy up around that. When it was all over, dad would dig out the driveway and paths around the feedlot and we'd have a nice, big pile of snow to climb and slide on. There were no sidewalks to worry about; no plow trucks going by at 3am; no work to get up and go to the next morning.

I'm just glad it snowed earlier this week, too. At least we're having a nice, white Christmas.

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