Saturday, December 6, 2008

Operation Christmas Spirit: Phase One

After reading my sister's post on her Christmas memories from growing up, I decided I needed to de-Grinchify myself and try and get in the Christmas spirit. So I told the hub we could go get a tree from the tree farm today after lunch.

The kiddo had a great time running around in the snow. We cheated, though, and didn't pick and cut down our own - too difficult with a rambunctious 2.75-year-old and a sleeping 2-month-old in 25 degree weather. The farm we go to has pre-cut trees in their barn, though, so that's what we got. A 9' spruce. At least I think it's a spruce. I know it's not a white pine at least. We picked up a wreath, too, so the outside of our house looks a bit more festive.

And, after dragging it home and setting it up to warm and spread, I must admit it does look (and smell) lovely.

I'm still not too excited about digging around in the attic for all the Christmas decorations, though. That can be a job for the hub.

Yesterday I also found two of the Santa books I have by Jeff Guinn:

How Mrs. Claus Saved Christmas

The Great Santa Search

I have The Autobiography of Santa Claus somewhere, but I fear it's been sucked into the black hole that is our basement shelves and I may never see it again. At least not until we move and are forced to clean out the basement.

I started How Mrs. Claus Saved Christmas earlier today when I fanangled some alone bath time. It's nice to actually read a book again. I'd like to read them both, plus the book of Charles Dickens Christmas stories the hub got for me one year from one of his company's book fairs, before the end of the year.

So hopefully tonight I'll turn on my Christmas playlist on iTunes, make the hub drag down the lights and ornaments, decorate the tree and start feeling a little more in the Christmas mood.

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kmm0305 said...

I'm a little jealous of the live tree. We got our 9' artificial tree up yesterday which smells like cat pee (because the cat peed on the box--lovely). I think I'll buy some pine air freshener and cheat! :P We got one box of ornaments on last night and we'll do the other box today.