Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Operation Christmas Spirit: Phase Three

So the tree is up and trimmed (and unsuccessfully put on a timer by the hub who thought he had it figured out but actually set the reverse of what he wanted - so our lights will probably go on at noon and shut off at 5pm), the mantel is bedecked with garland and Santas and Baby Jesus is safely in his mothers arms, surrounded by shepherds, sheep, wisemen and a lone camel on top of the piano. I even wrapped the lighted garland around the exterior stair railing before the ice storm hit yesterday (though it's still not plugged in).

Our house is about as Christmas-y as it's going to get this year.

Now it's on to shopping for presents.

The past few years my sisters and our husbands have just been drawing names to exchange gifts instead of buying something for everyone. It's much easier this way (and easier on our wallets now that we've become a two-kid household). This year our parents are even in on the exchange.

I think I know what we're getting for our respective recipients (can't share, though, because they both read this and I don't want to ruin the big surprise. Question: is it really a surprise when it's something from their list, anyway?) so my lunch hour today is going to be spent at the mall hopefully procuring said presents.

For the kiddo, we eventually found the train table that ruined my Black Friday experience (hoo boy, I didn't post about that. Long story short: I went to Toys 'R' Us at 6:30 on BF to get a train table for the kiddo, which they were sold out of. Opted to get the next expensive one after conferring with the hub. Got my ticket and stood in line for over an hour to check out. Check out and proceed to the pickup counter to get said train table. Only the bastids didn't have it in stock. Why they had a ticket but no table in stock was beyond me, and I'd wasted that hour waiting in line for nothing. They were supposed to call us when they got another one in stock but that didn't happen either. And they conveniently raised the price when they got the new shipment. Our local TRU gets a big, fat thumbs down from us.)

Anywho, as the train table is a rather pricey item, he's only getting that and two puzzles I'd bought way before we decided on the train table. He's 2.75, he doesn't care how many presents he gets.

The kidlet kind of gets the shaft. She's getting clothes and books and maybe a toy or two. It's hard - what exactly can you get a 2-month-old who already has a shload of toys from her older brother?

The most difficult is going to be the hub. Last year I surprised him with an iPod. This year I don't have any great ideas. He wants a toolbox for his pickup truck, but that's not really fun. Nor will it fit under our Christmas tree. I told him not to really buy me anything - I took advantage of a deal on a used camera bag and lens not that long ago.

Ugh. I don't mind shopping for presents, it's just so much easier when I'm shopping for things for me!

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Madeline / alias Detective ThinkMore said...

Why don't you build your own toy train table. It only takes 3 hours and about 1 hour to paint. Look at these easy to do train table plans.

And you will putting together a much sturdier product. The ones at the store is made of pressed wood. After a year or two the screws become loose and because the pressed wood enlarge as the kids lean and play on it.

I designed this table for my grandson and 7 years later when he was too old to use it, his parents gave it to a nursery school and it was as strong and steady as the day we built it.