Monday, December 8, 2008

Operation Christmas Spirit: Phase Two

I'm home this morning with a semi-sick kiddo (yakking yesterday, but seems okay today. Still have to keep him out of daycare today) and starting some of the decorating.

I think I will enjoy this process much more when the kids are older and not as bossy. The kiddo says to every ornament I get out "mommy, don't hang it up YET!"

And I'd forgotten just how many ornaments we actually have. Our tree, though tall and lovely, also has some spindly, flimsy arms, which make it more difficult to hang ornaments.

I've finished putting the garland (fake, lighted) on the mantel and the piano and set the WillowTree nativity up on the piano. I even managed to find our stockings in the black hole that is our attic and hang them up.

We have an interesting assortment of stockings. Two (mine and the kiddos) my mother-in-law made and are nice, quilted and "country-esque". I like those very much; they're a lot like the ones my mom made for us when we were growing up.

The other two (the hub's and the kidlet's) are made by my mother-in-law's mother. They're of the craft-store felt-and-sequin variety and lovingly handmade, for sure, but definitely not my personal taste. I know the hub likes his because it's what he grew up with, but at some point it would be nice if they were a little more coordinated.

Oh joy. I gave the kiddo the stuffed Santa that plays my college fight song because it's about the only Santa I have that isn't breakable and he's now practicing his mixing skills with the song. The hub is really going to love that when he comes home to take the afternoon shift.

Tonight will be decorating the mantel and the few other spots that are mostly out of toddler reach with Santas. We're supposed to have a winter storm today -- we'll see if it actually happens. This is one of those days where it would be great if our fireplace worked. What's the point of having a cool old house with a lovely wood-burning fireplace if the darn thing doesn't even work? We keep saying we're going to have the chimney cleaned and the flue fixed so we can use it, but in the five years we've been married and lived in this house we have yet to do it. That will come as no surprise to anyone who knows us.

Do you think the kiddo will let me get in the shower yet? The last two times I've tried, he's been very adamant I stay downstairs. ("Actually, no. You NOT get in the shower yet.") Oh my funny boy. Did I mention the other day he told me we were going to get in a helicopter and fly to Jesus' house? Comedy people, pure comedy.


kmm0305 said...

Are your mom-made stockings at her house? That is all we have--the stocking she made us (except the cat's, his is from Target $ Spot). Our mantle is so narrow I have them scotch-taped on right now and for some reason E's falls down constantly.

KAS said...

Mine is. I don't remember if she actually made Nate one or not.