Friday, December 12, 2008

Pa rum pa pum pum

I love Christmas music. It's some of my favorite music, especially choral/instrumental music.

Growing up, we always had to listen to Manheim Steamroller while opening presents. It never failed, we'd get home from Christmas Eve service and head to the living room where we'd see Santa had miraculously visited while we were at church (hey, that's what we did in our family). Dad would bust out the old school video camera (you know, the kind you used to have to put over your shoulder) and one of us girls would turn on the Manheim Steamroller.

I think my very favorite, though, is Harry Simeone's Sing We Now of Christmas/The Little Drummer Boy. We had the original LP, which looked like this:
But by the time I was old enough to listen to it, it had been replaced by the tape version, which had been renamed The Little Drummer Boy and looked more like this:
I don't know how many times we'd listen to that tape during the Christmas season. It was a mainstay during decorating and cookie baking and often I'd play it on Saturday afternoons in December just to have some festive background music.

I'd missed listening to it once I moved out of my parents house. My dad had tried to buy it on CD, but the one he found wasn't the original. A few years ago I did an Amazon search and found the *right* one (I checked the comments to make sure) and got it. Now I can listen to it any time I want.


Mom on the Run said...

Whoa, Mannheim Steamroller. One of my college roommate's dad owned Sound Recorders--he was Chip Davis' partner. (don't think I didn't borrow LOTS of stuff out of her closet!) They were around Omaha for quite awhile before they got big...all that Fresh Aire stuff. Now I think they're the main soundtrack for Christmas.

My all time favorite is a CD of the entire Nutcracker (not just the variations).

kmm0305 said...

"Rise up shepherds and follow!"