Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Rockin' New Year's Eve

Is not really something I've ever had. Memorable ones, yes, but not necessarily Rockin'.

Let's see, in high school I worked almost every New Year's Eve at a local restaurant. The tips were usually awesome that night, but some of my coworkers left much to be desired. I don't remember doing much afterward to actually ring in the New Year, though.

In college, they were mostly spent with friends, drinking in some form. I think my least favorite was the millennial New Year, where I was a mere 4 days shy of legal drinking age and couldn't go to the bar parties the rest of my friends were going to at the Mall of America. So I hung out in the hotel room. Not that it really mattered much, we had done our fair share of celebrating beforehand, and most people wandered back to the hotel by 12:30, too drunk and/or tired to stay out much later.

I had high hopes for 2006 - we had booked a trip to London in May of 2005 with NYE to be spent in Trafalgar square toasting in 2006 with the other revelers. It would have been amazing had I not gotten pregnant in July of 2005 and instead was 30 weeks pregnant, unable to toast and, due to a tube workers strike, forced to walk from Trafalgar Square to Victoria Station (a few miles) in order to find transportation back to our hovel of a hotel. It was certainly memorable, and something I'll always be able to say I did, but definitely not what I had envisioned when we booked the trip.

Ringing in 2007 wasn't much better - the hub and I were blindsided by a nasty stomach flu the day after Christmas and spent much of that 24 hours in the fetal position at my ILs trying desperately to keep down saltines. We were feeling good enough the next day to drive home with the kiddo (10 months old at the time), who came down with the yuck the next day. We went to a low-key affair at a friend's house and even left before the ball dropped because we were so tired. The kiddo was still sick and we ended up taking him into the ER two days later because he was so dehydrated from not being able to keep anything down.

Celebrating 2008 started out shakily; we went to a friend of the hub's and hung out. Another friend and I totally kicked ass at Pop Culture Trivial Pursuit. But then the night was ruined by a complete and total asshat who managed to piss off at least 3/4 of the people at the party in some form by making asinine comments about everything. We left that party before midnight (had the kiddo with us) and convened back at our house with some other friends who had kids. The kids were put to bed and the adults sat around, chatted, played fun games (Apples to Apples!), drank and called other friends who lived in different states. So even though the first half of the night wasn't the best, it ended well. Though, I was too busy putting the kiddo to bed that I got my midnight kiss about 5 minutes late.

This year looks to be another bummer. The hub is sick with who knows what (no yakking, thankfully, just fever/headache/tiredness) so he's on the fence about going anywhere tonight. One of the couples that came to our little post-party party last year is hosting a kid-friendly party this year, so at the very least I can take the kids and hang out for a bit. I think I'll bypass the NYE kiss, though. I don't want to be next in line with the sickness!

Someday I'll have a Rockin' NYE with Dick Clark (he'll still probably be alive then, right?). But I guess I'll just have to watch the festivities on the TV in the meantime.

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