Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The stockings were hung...

This is the first year the hub and I have been married that we're spending Christmas Eve at our house.

Growing up, Christmas Eve was the big night for us. We would spend the day finishing up things around the house and mom would make our traditional soup supper. When we had a foreign exchange student live with us when I was in high school, she taught us the Finnish tradition of rice pudding, and we've continued it since.

After our soup supper, we would head to church where we would attend Christmas Eve service, which was capped by a candlelight singing of Silent Night. We would file out of church, get our goody bags of peanuts in the shell, an orange, an apple and two mini candy bars.

When we got home, it was big present opening time. As kids, we never questioned why Santa came while we were at church - that's just what he did. And we were special, Santa came again overnight to fill up our stockings.

So this year, it's just us and the kiddos tonight. I was running around, late as usual, delivering goody plates to a few friends and doing some last-minute shopping. (Christmas Jammies! How could I not give them Christmas Jammies!) So, while we had a very yummy potato soup for supper, it was quickly eaten so we could get to church. The kiddo was very wound up (which may or may not have had anything to do with the frosted sugar cookie he had right beforehand) and didn't want to sit still. Other than that, the service was nice. It was the kids' program, but it wasn't the usual dress-em-up-as-angels-and-shepherds, it was just a retelling of the Christmas story with a lot of carol singing.

We finally made it home (the kiddo was still hopped up on sugar and kept running between our Pastor and the hub, tackling them and giving them hugs), gave the kids their Christmas Jammies, set some cookies and milk out for Santa and read the kiddo all the Christmas-themed books he owns. A few carols and kisses and he's [hopefully] off to dreamland. The hub just finished giving the kidlet her bedtime bottle and she's down for the count as well.

Now, it's time to put together the train table, set the rest of the presents out, fill the stockings, do the dishes, fold the laundry, pack for the rest of the weekend -- tomorrow we head to my sister's for my family Christmas, then it's off to the ILs for the hub's family Christmas on Saturday -- and do everything we neglected to do earlier this week because we were crazily running around finishing things up for Christmas.

Whew! Aren't they cute, though?

To my few readers, have a wonderful, blessed Christmas (or whatever you celebrate). May you spend it with those that are closest in your heart.

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