Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Favorite

I actually thought of something to write about this week!

I give you this week's Friday Favorite, my favorite college band: The Nadas.

I was introduced to the Nadas my freshman year of college. My short-lived college boyfriend was the younger brother of one of the lead singers. He took me to a show and I was hooked.

The Nadas are a large part of my college soundtrack. I would go to as many shows as possible. I would listen to them while studying, while getting ready, while driving home, pretty much whenever I could.

I met the hub at a Nadas show my senior year of college. He was in town visiting a friend and they went to the show because the hub's friend was fraternity brothers with some of the guys in the band. I went because it was the Nadas. So, really, if it weren't for the Nadas, we might not have ever met. Thanks, guys.

The group has an ecclectic sound. It's kind of rock meets alternative meets folk meets a touch of country meets really awesome. They are a huge part of our state capital's art/music scene and are great ambassadors for the state. Plus their live shows rock. They're just a fun group of guys to listen to.

I even managed to get my oldest sister hooked on them, and now she goes to more shows than I do. I hope I can get to a show again, soon. There's nothing like a packed bar singing along with every song.

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