Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday Favorites

I'm going to try something new. In an attempt to keep my blogging more consistent, I'm going to try and make Friday's post about something that's a Favorite of mine.

This week's favorite: Tarte Lash Hugger Natural Mascara

I originally ordered this from in late November when they had their awesome Friends and Family coupon special. I needed new mascara and, continuing in my efforts to use more natural and eco-friendly products, I wanted something that was paraben- and phathalate-free.

I found it in this mascara.

[quick sidenote: I love Sephora. I think my version of heaven is a combination of Sephora, Pottery Barn and Cadbury chocolate. I'll be fat in heaven, but at least I'll be beautiful while I lounge on my stylish furniture.]

I will admit, it took almost a month before I was completely happy with how it looked. I think it just took time for me to get used to the applicator and the formula. I had been using Benefit's BadGal lash and, while I liked it okay, I just wasn't feeling the love that I've heard some people have for it.

Now, I absolutely LOVE my mascara. It goes on easily, with minimal clumps (and if any of you have found a way to apply mascara with absolutely NO CLUMPS, clue me in. I can't ever seem to make it happen, even with so-called clump-free mascaras) and looks faaabulous. I found out it looks better if I do 2-3 coats with waiting 5-10 seconds between coats. It even gets the stumpy little lashes on the inside corners that I could never get with other mascaras. And it doesn't irritate my eyes, which is nice because I wear my contacts about 98.37 percent of the time.

It's not a waterproof formula, so you will have the occasional smudge (and nowhere does it say it's smudge-free) but they're easily removed with a damp q-tip.

I'm slowly working on finding more natural/organic/eco-friendly products for the rest of the family's toiletries. I've found a good place to do research is Skin Deep's cosmetic database. It can be a bit preachy in places, but it's got loads of information and rates the products on a scale, so you can see how what you're currently using stacks up.

Now, let's see if I can keep up with my Friday Favorites next week!

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kmm0305 said...

What's the matter? Weren't you born with naturally long lashes that don't require mascara? :P It's about the only good thing I got and passed a long, too!