Saturday, January 10, 2009

Gotta love toddler logic

It started snowing last night around supper time.

We had a good amount of snow for Christmas (I love white Christmases, it just doesn't feel the same without it), but a lot of it had melted during a brief warm spell right afterward. So we were left with yucky, dirty, refrozen slush and patches of icky, crusty snow on our now [mostly visible] brown lawn.

We woke up this morning to at least 4" and still falling.


This is the intersection right outside our house. (Pardon the extremely dirty windows!)

The hub cleaning off our neighbor's driveway. We have a lovely arrangement: he mows her lawn/shovels snow and in return we get chocolate chip cookies and free babysitting. And both she and the hub think they're the one getting the better end of the deal.

The kiddo, upon seeing all the snow, declared: "It's snowing! And Santa will be here soon!" So, in the kiddo's mind snow=Santa.

Hoo boy. How do we go about explaining that one? We live in the Midwest, there's at least two more solid months of winter weather left.

In other news, it's actually been a somewhat productive day, despite having to get up and give the kidlet her bottle at 5 am (and her taking to drink it) and then being awakened by the kiddo around 7 am. Thankfully, the hub took kiddo duty and let me sleep a bit longer. Currently, both kids are napping, I've washed the dishes, put away the two baskets of laundry that have been sitting in our living room for four days and started a load of the kidlet's laundry. I need to figure out our meal plan for the week and write up a shopping list so I can go to the grocery store in a bit. We're completely out of milk and dangerously low on bread.

But there's always time for playing around on the internet!!

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kmm0305 said...

How much did you end up with? I think we got about 5-6", after them predicing a trace to 2". We got some wicked drifts, too. The girls want to play outside but I have a 30 degree minimum requirement. So that may no happen until April. ;)