Thursday, January 8, 2009

Meet my new boyfriend

Well, I don't know if it's technically a "boy" but this little beauty has taken a firm hold in my life. It was the hub's big gift to me this Christmas - a 2nd generation iPod Touch.

His name is Sweetums, after the big, hairy Muppets character. (The first iPod I got was green, so I named it Kermit. The hub named the iPod Nano I gave him last year Fozzie. Now we have Sweetums. I don't know what's next - maybe Gonzo? Wait, that might have been the name of the hub's first shuffle. I don't remember. Combined, we've had five various versions of iPods.)

And I luuuuurve him.

He's so sleek. So compact. So Totally Rad! He's with me 24/7.

He's even helping me with my New Year's Resolution: "Get Fit" (which is actually titled "Lose All This Darn Baby Weight and Get Fit in the Process" in my head, but "Get Fit" flows a bit better. And it's much shorter.)

There's all these fun applications (henceforth to be called "apps") you can download from iTunes. They have anything from games to budget calculators to translators to To Do lits - almost anything you can think of, there's an app for. A good lot of them are free. Some of the free ones are definitely Free - they're kind of duds, but many of the free ones I've tried have been pretty good.

And so far, I think my favorite free [non-game] app is LoseIt.

When I've done weight loss goals before, I've always had to count calories. That's what works for me. I used to write everything down in a little notebook and I had a calorie counting book I rubber-banded to it, so I had everything together. But this is WAY better than my chintzy little notebook.

You put in your goals and the program automatically figures out what your per-day calorie goal should be based on your starting weight, your goal weight and how many pounds per week (up to 2, which IMO is a healthy level) you want to lose.

Then you start inputting what you eat (it has tons of foods already pre-entered) and it caclulates the calories, and selected nutrients, for you! Easy peasy! If it doesn't have a specific food, you can always enter it in yourself. It tracks your weight loss and even has exercise figured in!

I would love Sweetums just for that app, but he's so much more! He's an iPod, so of course he plays music. He holds photos (I just synced some cute shots of the kiddos to it last night, so I can show them to EVERYONE now). He's an address book. A calculator. A clock. You can even connect to the internet if there's WiFi available.

The hub accused me of loving the iPod more than him. Of course not. There are certain *ahem* things that only the hub can do (like change a diaper. I don't know what you people think I'm talking about!). But Sweetums comes in a close second.

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Mom on the Run said...

Of course I don't have one, but J4 does (the original itouch). That was our compromise to stop the begging for an iphone. Remember, the kid is only 14 and he wanted an iphone when they first came out. Ummm, no.

Would you think I'm totally out of it if I admitted I don't even know how to charge the really old ipod one of the kids gave me? I'd be a mess with that bad boy.