Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dreary Day

It's gray and yucky out. Overcast, chilly and windy. The kind of February day where it seems winter will last forever and spring is too far away.

I have this picture as my default userpic on LiveJournal.

It's the view from the back/side door at my parent's house looking east. There's a feedlot on the right side of the picture (see the cows?) and the grove to the left.

This photo makes me happy.

1) it's sunny and green out. I like sunny and green.

2) it's home.

I know, home is technically where I live now with the hub and the kids, but the farm will always be Home for me. It's where I wandered around and hunted for baby kittens and splashed in mud puddles and camped out in the back yard and played in the barn/shop/feed shed and listened to the cows and the crickets and the trucks on the highway at night.

I'm sure my memories are rose-tinted but I loved growing up on the farm. I even liked the cattle smell (you got used to it after a while).

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