Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Favorite

Okay, this will probably be a lame blog post for a Friday Favorite, but I'm going to do it anyway.

This week's Friday Favorite: baby chub.

There's no way around it. With the hub's and my genetics, we will never have small children. We will have cherub-cheeked, double-chinned, roly-poly children.

Case in point:
This is the kiddo at about 4.5 months, chillin' in his super cool Bumbo seat. It was mid-July and extremely warm, hence he's clad in only a diaper. All the better to appreciate the goodness of the baby chub. Look at his cute little rolls on his tummy! And the rubber band wrists! It's a shame you can't see his thighs. They were impressive.

His [not so] little sister is following in his chubby little footsteps. See:
Doesn't she just have the most smooshable cheeks? And the biggest double chin? I'm sure when she's 16 and agonizing over every little aspect of her apperance, she won't appreciate these photos. But I do. I can look back and remember her rolls-upon-rolls thunder thighs and her extremely ticklish Buddah-like belly chub.

I may bemoan that my darling daughter is quickly outgrowing her clothes (into 9-12m things already at just 4.5 months!) but, really, I love the chub. Is there anything more adorable than a chubby baby? I think not.


kmm0305 said...

She sorta looks like her Great Grandpa Beyer with that double chin--in a cute way! :P

KAS said...

I think she looks like him, too - it's the crinkly eyes. I have a baby pic of mom that has some similarities, especially in the cheeks. :p