Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mother Nature is a big, fat tease

It's currently 50-something degrees outside, at a time when it's normally 20-something.

Of course, I'm stuck inside at work. At least I have a window (kind of. It's more like a view from part of a glass door) to look out of from my desk.

As everyone knows, though, it won't last. Winter isn't officially over in this state until the week after the Boy's State Basketball Tournament in mid-March. We can count on at least one more good storm (usually during the Girl's State Basketball Tournament held the week before the Boy's) before then. And, occasionally, there's a good one in April. It's the Midwest, anything goes.

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Red said...

I'm feeling your pain. We discovered we already have grass at our new house hidden under all that snow - it'll probably be the last time we see if for 2+ months /