Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I hate dishes

Even though our current house has loads of charm and character, 10' ceilings and hardwood floors, it seriously lacks in the kitchen department.

The kitchen is small. It has an old, questionable refrigerator (that the hub likes because it has the freezer on the bottom), a microwave that we bought used because the original microwave went on the fritz (shorted when the handle -- which was held on by duct tape -- came off when I was trying to open it mid-nuke), and ugly linoleum with gouges and cigarette burns from the previous owner.

But the biggest downfall? No dishwasher.

I realize in the grand scheme of things, it's not a big deal. There are only 4 of us and, outside of bottles, we don't dirty that many dishes. But it's still annoying. I've gotten into the habit of doing the dishes right after supper because I hate coming down to a sink full of nasty, crusty dishes left over from the night before.

Just once, I'd like to be able to go back downstairs from putting the kids to bed and just sit and veg in front of the couch. I don't want to spend 20-30 minutes putting away the dry dishes from the night before and washing the dirty dishes from that night's supper. The hub is good at helping a fair amount, but I'm the one generally responsible for them. He does the majority of the laundry, though, so I guess that's a wash. Heh heh, get it? Wash...

We often talk about Someday. Someday we'll have our house in the country. Someday we'll have our garden. Someday we'll have a working fireplace. Well, Someday, I'll have a big kitchen with new appliances and a big island with butcher block countertops and a Dishwasher. That is my dream. That and non dishpan hands.


kmm0305 said...

You know they still sell fridges with the freezer on the bottom. ;) You know, in case you have an extra $2K just lying around.

KAS said...

Sure, let me just pull that out of my pocket, m'kay? And I don't want to have to go through three ice makers either. :p