Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Road Trip

Growing up, we would take an extended family vacation every other year. We'd pack up our dark blue Chevy van (with interior mood lighting) and head out for 2-3 weeks. Most of the time we went west - to visit relatives in Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico and California - stopping at National Parks and places of interest along the way. Staying in a hotel was a rare treat. Instead, we stayed overnight at campgrounds where my two sisters and I would share a dome tent and sleep in sleeping bags while our parents stayed in the van. If we didn't camp, that meant we were probably staying with a relative.

We had a box of dry food (chips, crackers, cereal) and a cooler of perishables (sandwich meat, cheese, milk). Lunches would be sandwiches at roadside parks or rest stops. We could snack while on the road and my sisters and I would argue about who got the back seat, who got the floor in the back and who had to sit in the captain's chair in the middle (the last choice because it meant we couldn't lie down and read/nap/listen to our walkman as easily).

I can say through those vacations, and some trips of my own or with the hub in later years, I've been to (or at least passed through) roughly 41 of the 50 states. And I've had the privilege of seeing some major natural attractions with my own eyes.

Mount Rushmore - check
Grand Canyon - check
Yellowstone - check
Washington DC - check
and numerous others...

I'm sure I'm using selective memory about how great these vacations were (maybe I should ask my parents how much fun it was to travel with three girls for weeks on end) but I remember them as wonderful family road trips. Not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but a wonderful experience and a way to see things I might not have gotten a chance to otherwise.

Even now I enjoy taking long road trips. I like watching the scenery change as we go from state to state and seeing the road stretch out in front of me. We haven't had the chance to go on many trips with the kiddos, but both the hub and I hope to be able to do some similar vacations when the kiddos get older.

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Mom on the Run said...

OMG. The apple recipe.....so good. One of the boys actually ate it for breakfast this morning! I used spice cake because that's all I had besides chocolate. You were right. To.Die.For.

Thanks a million...and all my granny smith apples are gone!