Monday, March 9, 2009

You say it's your birthday!

The kiddo turned three on Saturday. It's hard to believe he's three already! It just seems like yesterday I was lounging in the hospital bed watching The Princess Bride waiting until I was fully dilated.

But he's three and we had a lovely family birthday party at my sister's house.

She did a fabulous job with the cake, as always:
(can you guess what the theme was?)

Here he is enjoying birthday pizza (on Thomas plates while wearing a Thomas hat and shirt)
And opening his presents, many of which were Thomas-related.
We had scored a great deal on a bunch of NIB, post-recall trains on eBay. He was thrilled.

I'm sure we went a little overboard on the Thomas stuff, but that's what he likes. And you're only 3 once, right? It was worth it to hear his exclamations after he opened each present: "Thomas!" "Thomas books!" "Thomas towel!" "Gordon!" (who is actually his favorite train, because he's the biggest and strongest, don't you know...)

For reasons unknown to me, the kiddo has decided to start channeling Gene Simmons from KISS:
That's what he does know when we ask him to smile. Goofy kid.

This is a great age. He can converse with us, he's showing us his personality (goofy, caring), he has opinions (maybe a bit too much?) and is just so much fun. He's not so good on the listening part, but what 3-year-old is?

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