Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Big fat baby

The kidlet has always been big. She was 10lb 6oz when born and just keeps piling on the rolls. At her 6m checkup she was 22lbs and 28.5". She's the same length as her brother was at that age, but she beat him on weight by 2 pounds. Pretty soon she'll be able to sit on him to get what she wants. Which is good because he has a penchant for "borrowing" her toys, even though he has a gajillion of his own.

This week we finally started her on some solids. Daycare takes care of giving her some rice cereal during the day and we work on pureed veggies for supper.

This week it was sweet potatoes. I think she likes them, don't you?

More, mom!

Oh just give me the darn spoon, I'll do it myself!

The kiddo is a really good eater. He even likes *gasp* vegetables! He eats more veggies than my sister does. I hope the kidlet is the same.

If I were really ambitious and had time and a bigger kitchen, I'd possibly consider cooking and pureeing my own baby food. But I'm not, so Gerber it is! Plus, the plastic containers are handy for snacks. Or for holding cinnamon and sugar for toast.

Oh my sweetness. I'm not ready for her to be getting this big!

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