Thursday, April 30, 2009

Guily pleasure TV

I've noticed that I watch a lot less TV now that both kids are in daycare, at least during the week. I think I overloaded on trashy TV while I was on maternity leave and needed to give my brain a rest.

But I do have the occasional show that I like to TiVo and watch whenever I have some free time and/or need to fold laundry (which seems like all the time anymore. I hate laundry.)

Most of these shows are shamefully geared towards the younger female set: Gossip Girl, The Hills, The City. Why, yes, I'm 30 now. I guess I like to live vicariously through the characters on these shows. Or something like that.

But I think my favorite guilty pleasure show has to be GREEK on ABCFamily.
I am a sorority alumna and watching this show brings back fond memories of my time in the house in college.

Now, it's definitely exaggerated for entertainment, but many of the situations in the show are somewhat typical of being in a sorority/fraternity in college, or at least being in college in general. It does a good job of showing the ties formed between members without being too Animal House (and the stuff that is Animal House is so obviously overdone for entertainment purposes). And it's just a funny show! The writing is brilliant and the pop culture references are often subtle, but hilarious. It's definitely one show I like to make time to watch every week. Even the hub likes to watch it with me when he can.

I know I can't go back to college (even though some times I'd really like to) but at least I can reminisce on the fun times while watching this show. Now, do you think I should tell the hub he can get me season one for Mother's Day?

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