Thursday, April 2, 2009

I am not ashamed

to post old embarrassing photos of me on the interweb.

At least from when I'm really young and cute. I think I'll bypass posting the unfortunately awkward photos from age 8-16, though.

This photo always makes me smile:
I'm guessing I'm probably around 18 months here. This would be the dining room table at my parents house. Judging by the melon rind on the plate in the background (and the fact I'm rocking out clad only in a C3P0 underoo shirt and a diaper) this was probably taken in July or August.

Aside: my parents still have that salt and pepper set and still use the lovely Corelle dishes with the brown floral edging every day.

I don't know the story behind the photo, but this is how it plays out in my head:
After enjoying a lovely mid-summer meal, the adults relax and converse amongst themselves. Spry little Farm Girl notices the jar of delicious homemade strawberry jam on the table and decides she wants some (because Farm Girl knows her grandma makes the best homemade strawberry jam ever). Farm Girl clambers up the table and commences sticking her entire arm in the jam jar and eating said strawberry jam, even occasionally getting some in her mouth. Adults look over and see what happened, snap photo and laugh uproariously before taking an extremely sticky Farm Girl to the bathroom for a much-needed wash.

See, I was getting into trouble at even a young age. I need to be more diligent of taking embarrassing photos of my kids, if just to have something to blackmail them with when they hit high school. I do have a lovely one of the kiddo walking around after a bath in his yellow-hooded ducky towel and my pair of leopard print platform slingbacks. That's a classic. It's also borderline obscene (even if it is cute nekkid baby tushie) so it won't be making its way here without some censoring first. Oh wait, I think I do have it censored.
He's going to need some serious therapy when he gets older, isn't he? Sorry kiddo, but that's the joy of being a parent. You get to do stuff like this. It's payback for 15 hours of labor and countless sleepless nights. You'll get to do the same when you have kids.


Red said...

ROFL, that photo is just too awesome for words, the leopard shows MAKE it, hehe

kmm0305 said...

You need some anatomy lessons? That isn't his tushie you would see. ;)

KAS said...

Yeah, yeah. I know, it's not his tush. I already get enough of the P word from G. :p