Sunday, April 19, 2009


Last night was the trivia contest I talked about in my post here. Our team was made up of my dad, my two sisters, my husband, one BIL and the son and DIL of a family friend. Having placed fourth (just out of the prizes) the past two years, we had high expectations again this year.

So it was fairly humbling when we completely fell on our asses, so to speak.

The questions were HARD this year! Some of them, especially the questions about our alma mater, we really should have gotten all right. But we weren't thinking. Or maybe we were over thinking. Either way, we got some wrong we really should have gotten right. On the other hand, we think the judges were a little lenient with some of the answers, because they had us with more points than we thought we had.

We found out that we don't know our state capitals as well as we thought we did. We did know our Presidents, though. And trying to remember song lyrics isn't as easy as you'd think it is, espeically for a mixed generation table as ours. But it was all in fun, and we had a good time even though we placed way down at 10th this year. 10th out of almost 60 teams, though, so it wasn't too terrible.

The Pioneer Woman's little smartypants quizzes did help me on a question, I knew the Hundred Year's War was between England and France thanks to her. I wish they would have asked how long it lasted, because I definitely knew that.

There wasn't any big family news shared this year, either. Last year the trivia night was right around the same time the hub found out he was being inducted into his collegiate athletic hall of fame. So when my dad saw him, he told the hub "I hear you have some pretty big news." The hub, in his infinite wisdom, thought my dad was talking about the fact I was pregnant with #2. So he inadvertently let that news out instead. We had been planning on telling them that weekend anyway, but it just came out a little different than expected.

But this year there were no pregnancy announcements, no hall of fame inductees, nothing. Just lots of fun and free beer and pizza. Oh! And I did win a shirt for the hub from the raffle. We'll definitely do it again next year. We'll have to start practicing our trivia now.

And if anyone ever asks, there are 8 furlongs in a mile. We know, the hub figured it out on a cocktail napkin during one of the rounds. There are definitely times I'm glad I married an engineer. :)


kmm0305 said...

Someone on the boards said they saw a team with a laptop out during social hour. They got the topics, did some research and who knows what info they wrote down. That will definitely be brought up when we are asked for feedback! Cheaters! :P

KAS said...

No Fair! Cheater cheater, booger eater. It's almost like they need to check cell phones/PDAs at the door and only let people keep the ones that don't have internet capabilities.

kmm0305 said...

Someone claims that those people with a laptop were with the athletic department. Uh huh, sure.