Thursday, May 7, 2009

Adding to my stockpile of things to embarrass the kiddo with when he's older

I'm so glad we live in the digital age where I can capture gems like this:

This is a Mother's Day song he learned at daycare this week. Apparently he took a cue from this week's American Idol and is singing it in the style of Hard/Classic Rock. And he plays a mean air guitar, don't you think?

The words are:
Thank you Mother
Thank you Mother
For all you do
All year through
This is for your special day
This is what I want to say
I love you
I love you


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kmm0305 said...

Ha! Too funny. Don't know if I've heard that voice before! I'll have to show the girls, they will think its funny. And everytime Leah sees Adam on AI she says "That's the boy who screams"