Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

We had a lovely, albeit brief, visit with the ILs. The kiddo was ecstatic because Grandpa pretty much lets him do whatever he wants. The kidlet also had fun being held and cooed over by both grandparents.

FIL helped the hub attach a new hitch to his truck, trim the neighbor's honeysuckle bush so he can reroof the garage this week, and take the old toilet and vanity from the upstairs porch to the dumpster. MIL is a saint and folded two big baskets of our laundry.

After that, we ate. And ate. And ate.

The spread:
hamburgers made from home-grown beef, polish sausage and brats from the hog we had butchered last year, home-grown asparagus courtesy of the ILs, home-made potato salad made from Grandma S's recipe (the hub's favorite), cucumbers in a dill/vinegar/mayo/sugar dressing and fresh leaf/spinach salad. All that for four adults and the kiddo.

The we had dessert:

Homemade strawberry rhubarb pie (pie #2 in our house), rhubarb crumb cake courtesy of MIL and turtle fudge brownies.

It was delicious, and now I'm stuffed. Good thing we'd planned on only eating one big midafternoon meal today, though I'm sure a brownie will be calling my name sometime around 8 pm tonight.

The kidlet is napping, the kiddo will be going to bed early after a much-needed bath (he decided to use his [mostly] empty ice cream bowl as a hat and currently has very sticky hair). Who knows what the hub and I will do with a quiet house tonight. Probably nothing, unfortunately.

Happy Memorial Day everyone.

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