Friday, May 15, 2009

I love cows

It kind of comes with the territory when you grow up on a cattle farm.

I especially love the spring and calving season. They're just so darn cute!

Not even a speck of dirt on her (I think it's a her anyway. I was never good at telling the difference between boys and girls. I never looked that close at their neither regions.)

I was too busy admiring their big eyes and soft noses.

And wanting to pet the cute little whorl on their forehead. Doesn't it just beg to be scratched?

Cute little bugger.

Like mother, like daughter (or son? This one hasn't been tagged yet, so I can't tell. Plus, they're laying (lying??) down).

There are just so many different variations depending on the breed of the cow and the bull.

Look! Triplets!

Okay, not really. But we have had about 5-6 sets of twins. Unfortunately, twins never seem to do well. The mama tends to only take care of one and the other calf usually has to be sold. Occasionally they can get an orphaned mama to take on a twin. I like it when that happens. I feel so sad for the mamas when they lose a calf, especially now that I have my own kids.

I like the contrast of the dark black mama and the snow white baby. But the mama really should do something about her hair. Maybe she's a punk mama with her white forelock, she is double-tagged after all. I bet she was wild in her younger days.

"No pictures, please. I'm eating!"

Cute little buggers.


Anonymous said...

What does it mean if they are double tagged? Do the tags tell the sex, breed, etc?

KAS said...

It depends on the farmer. Each has their own system to keep track of their cattle. My dad and his brothers usually use one tag. They tag in one ear if it's male, in the other if it's female. Sometimes they'll buy cattle from somewhere else and they'll have different tags.