Sunday, May 24, 2009

I'm ashamed

The ILs are coming later today for part of the long weekend. I am blessed with wonderful ILs, with whom I get along wonderfully, so I'm actually rather okay with them coming to visit.

However, as we are family of four that lives in a three bedroom house, there isn't an extra room for visitors. The kiddo has what used to be the guest room and I didn't think my ILs would appreciate having to sleep on a mattress on the floor surrounded by the kiddo's myriad of books and stuffed animals (not to mention the clothes that I have yet to put away in the closet). So the hub and I decided that they would sleep in our room and we would either cuddle on the couch (doubtful) or break out the air mattress (more likely, as long as it doesn't have any holes in it).

The only problem was that our bedroom hadn't been cleaned in, oh, about five years. It's definitely the most neglected room in the house, because it's the one that's used the least. We sleep and get dressed in there, but don't use it for lounging or watching TV (because we don't have a TV in there) or much else.

So last night the hub and I decided to do a deep-cleaning in anticipation for the ILs. It was a dirty, dirty job. Layers upon layers of dirt, dust and dog hair had accumulated on every surface. We had quite a battalion of dust bunnies mobilizing under the bed and dresser. We had clothes and magazines and books that we'd completely forgotten about stashed in random corners. I'm rather ashamed that we let it get that bad (and we wonder why we are constantly congested?).

But the room is now clean and sparkling. [Almost] every surface has been wiped and organized. There were two garbage cans full of dirt, old papers and the vanquished dust bunny army. We also filled two Rubbermaid containers full of the books and random things (including the Hulk hands that the hub received as a gag wedding gift from some of his coworkers) to be stored in the attic or basement with the rest of our random belongings we don't know what to do with at this time.

We just have to wash the sheets and curtains and remake the bed and it will be all ready for visitors! And we won't have to clean it again for another 5 years, or until we move, whichever comes first.

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