Friday, May 22, 2009

An interesting experiment

It's morel season here. Well, it was, but it's pretty much over now. Anyway, from late April to mid-May, people will scour the timbers looking for the extremely odd-looking, but very delicious mushroom.

We have a good barter system with one of the hub's coworkers - we give him home-grown rhubarb from the ILs and we get a bag full of morels in return.

Last night was a gorgeous spring night - perfect for grilling - so we had thick-cut pork chops, the rest of the asparagus and the morels.

The easiest (and best in many peoples' opinions) way to cook morels is to dip them in a beaten egg, then flour and fry them in a skillet.

And that's what the hub had planned to do last night until he looked in the fridge and discovered we had no eggs.

I was out on a walk with the kiddos at the time, so he called around and came up with a backup plan: thinned pancake batter.

They turned out okay. Definitely different than what we're used to, but the sweetness of the pancake batter actually was a decent complement to the mushrooms. I don't know if we'll be trying it again, soon.

I also got a new toy yesterday. Our seven-year-old PC was on its last legs (it was randomly rebooting itself at the most inopportune times, namely when I was surfing the internet), so the hub and I decided to buy a Mac mini.

I work mainly on a Mac at my job, and I love the ease of use and OS. Plus, if I ever do more with design or web, I can get Adobe Creative Suite, which is basically the Gold Standard of design programs.

Isn't it cute?

There was also a great deal on a monitor (with HDTV capabilities, you know, so the hub can see how cool his xBox games look on it :rolleyes: ) so now we have a lovely 24" monitor to go along with it.

Pay no attention to the cheap pressed-board desk. I've had that since I was about 10. The hub hates it, but it works and it was free. I told him we can get a new one when we move.

I love my Mac. It's so fast! And pretty! Hopefully I'll get to do more design work from home now.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think I have ever had a morel.

I so want a Mac when it's my turn to get a new computer!