Friday, May 29, 2009

More scenes from the farm

I took these over Mother's Day weekend, the last time we were up at the farm.

You see a lot of these, and a lot of green tractors. This happens to be on a big combine.

Here's another one. This is on a smaller tractor with a front forklift loader. It's normally used to move hay bales.

This is in the feed shed. These are the minerals that get mixed in with the feed so the cattle get all the nutrients they need. There are certain ratios of everything that my dad and the guys have come up with after doing this for 45 years. When I was little, I used to think the stuff on the far right was pepper.

There are bags and bags of minerals stored in the feed shed. It takes a lot to feed that many cows. They were also lots of fun to climb on.

There's a big scale, so the guys know exactly how much of what is going into the mixture. It's fun to watch the little needle move.

The counterweight on the scale. See how everything is covered in dust? That's years and years of mixing feed and minerals. The feed shed is a noisy and dirty place, but it's awfully fun to play in.

This is the corn dryer and the Harvestores, where they keep the corn used for feed. I used to climb up to the top of the metal thing in the middle and survey the land. It's about 100 feet up and gives a spectacular view of the surrounding country.

Spring is one of my favorite times on the farm - everything is new and green and fresh. I can't wait until we get back there someday.

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