Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pretty peonies

The peonies in front of our house are blooming.

I love peonies.

They're just so pretty. And they smell divine. I have five plants right in front of our house: two deep pink, two pale pink and one white. Well, there used to be two deep pink but the end one closest to our sidewalk got yanked out when our dog was a puppy. We replanted it with one last year, but I think it's more of a variegated pink/white than just pink. Oh well....

The white has the most blooms, it can barely keep them up. It also has the best fragrance.

The pale pink hasn't opened completely yet. I think it has the largest blooms. There aren't as many as on the white, but they're still lovely.

The deep pink has the most wide-open blooms. They're a bit smaller than the pale pink or white, but they're definitely the most vibrant. The scent isn't quite as good, either, but I still love them.

We started these from root, and they've come a long way in six years. I think these are also coming with us whenever we move from this house. Someday I'll have a gorgeous cutting garden. Maybe.
I ended up staying home from work today; I think I caught the Strep from the hub. I managed to catch up on some TiVo'd shows (GREEK and three episodes of Gossip Girl) while lounging on the couch and fighting over the blankets with the hub.

It was chilly and dreary, the perfect kind of day for staying at home, anyway.

We needed the rain, truth be told. It was starting to get a tad dry. But now everything has had a drink and is refreshed. Tomorrow it's supposed to be in the 80s, huzzah! I can't believe it's almost June already.

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