Sunday, May 10, 2009

The sound of silence

The four of us traveled up to the farm yesterday to spend the weekend with my parents and do a lovely Mother's Day brunch today (Hi mom and dad! Thanks for brunch!).

After brunch my dad, the hub and I took the kiddo out to see the baby cows and I brought my "good" camera (Canon Rebel Xti) along and snapped some pictures. I really don't use that thing as much as I should, or even as much as I'd like to, and I need to change that.

Anyway... I took lots of pictures of baby cows and mama cows and baby and mama cows together. I'll share more of those later this week.

It was a beautiful day out today. Gorgeous and sunny, with a brilliant blue sky specked by fluffy white clouds. A tad chilly (in the 50s) but still a lovely day.

We had this view in the pasture while we were out looking at the baby cows:
Sigh. So pretty. It's even more gorgeous in the summer when everything is lush and green. Well, as lush and green as a pasture can be that's had hundreds of cows tromping on it and eating everything in sight. The trees are lush and green at least.

When we got back to the farm, the hub and I just walked around for a bit, looking at everything and taking pictures. Even though I spent nearly every day for 18 years on the farm, I haven't walked around and just looked at things for a while. It was nice.

You notice things like the broken window to the old garage and how the sparrows like to sit on the wire (only the darn thing few away right before I took the picture. Oh well, I still like the old broken window by itself.)
You notice that someone either is very absent-minded or has a wonderful sense of humor:
(note the glove attempting to flash the peace sign on the post by the well)

You notice that the cows are nosy:
Can't you just imagine the conversation they're having?

"Psst. Hey, gals, what's going on? Who are those strange people? Can you see? Hey, moooove over, I want to get a better look!"

And then, when they realize it's nothing exciting or earth-shattering, they go back to what cattle do best: eat.

I call this not-yet-a-Mother's day brunch (these are heifers -- cattle who have never calved -- in the lots.)

And then I played around with my lens. This is the field as wide as my lens will go:And this is the same view as zoomed in as my lens will go:
Exciting! That field has been planted already, in corn, and in a few months will be lush and green and swaying in the breeze.

After our trip around the farm, the hub and I packed up and left: me with the kiddos to come home and he with the dog to go to his parents and help his dad out in the field for a day or so. Both kids are already in bed and I have some show on the Disney channel on as background noise, because it's awfully quiet in the house. I usually don't mind having a night to myself, but tonight, I really miss the hub.

It was a wonderful Mother's Day. I love you hubby.

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Anonymous said...

I love looking at the pictures because it's so different than what I saw when I was growing up. Those nosey cows are cracking me up!