Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Who mothers the mother?

The hub is sick. It started last night with a sore throat and developed into having trouble swallowing, lots of sinus pressure and drainage and sounding like he swallowed a boulder.

So he went to the Doctor and it turns out he has strep throat.


So he's spent the better part of the day sleeping, which I know is what he needs to do, but seriously, he turns into the biggest weenie when he gets sick.

I've discussed this phenomenon with my [female] coworkers and they all say the same thing: their husbands all get whiney and wussy when they get sick.

And that's totally unfair because you know what? When I get sick, I don't have anyone there to baby me. I don't get to lay around all day and sleep. Because I'm The Mom. I suck it up and go on with my life.

I'm not exactly feeling like a million bucks myself, and both the kiddo and I are on preventative antibiotics because we've definitely been exposed. I'm tired. My head hurts. But too bad for me.

I got up and took the kids to daycare. Then I went to work for 8 (technically 9 because I worked through my lunch) hours. After that I picked up the kids from daycare, came home and made supper (all the while the hub laid on the couch). Okay, so supper was Cambells soup from a can and toast for us and chicken tenders for the kiddo, but still. It did require at least a modicum of effort.

Then I cleaned up, played with the kids, did a little work on the computer, put both kids to bed (which took longer than normal because the kidlet did NOT want to go to bed tonight) and came back downstairs where I did the dishes, played with the kidlet some more (I told you she didn't want to go to bed), finally got her to go to sleep, picked up a little, did a load of laundry and am now catching up on my internets time. If I really wanted, I could fold a basket of laundry, but I'm not feeling that ambitious.

And that whole time the most the hub managed to do was move his behind from the couch to our bed. Hmph.

So totally unfair.

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