Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bird watching

Last week when we got home from our weekly grocery trip, I noticed something strange in the grass on our side yard.

This little fella:
It's a baby cardinal. He was just starting to lose his downy chick fuzz and sprout his real wings. I don't know if he fell out of the nest or was pushed, but mom and dad were close by, making sure nothing happened.


Aren't they gorgeous? We have quite a few cardinals around our house - our next door neighbor has two bird feeders in her back yard and likes to set out a bowl of peanuts on her porch. You see the bright red male cardinals more often than the softer females, and I was lucky to catch them together like this.

Such a pretty contrast to the green leaves in the tree.

After putting the groceries away, I went back outside just to check and see how the babe was doing. He was hopping and feeling out his wings (though not really flying yet), but mama was always right there to make sure everything was okay.

By the time we were done eating supper, the baby had gone off. It must be hard for the mamas to let their babies go after just a few weeks. That kind of makes me glad we get 18 years with our little ones.

Though I'm sure I will be more than ready to push them out of the nest at that time!

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