Sunday, July 12, 2009

Going the distance

Well, we did it.

My sister and I successfully ran a 5k this weekend.


That's my sister in the white and green and me in the turquoise and black. We're about 100 yards (maybe?) from the finish line.

Here we are about 20 minutes or so after the race. Forgive the sweatiness and redness of our faces. I figured we're okay with not looking our most glamorous after running 3.17 miles.

We had two goals: to run the entire race - no walking - and to finish under 35 minutes. We managed both. We finished at 34:10, which is exactly an 11-minute mile pace. We won't be setting world records by any means, but it's not to shabby for two non-runners who just started training in May.

I don't know if we'll do another race soon or not. My knees and ankle need a rest. But it feels good to have accomplished this.

I'll keep walking, and I've also jumped on the 30-day shred bandwagon. One way or another, I'm going to lose all the baby weight I gained from the kidlet.

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aunt mommy said...

Wooooo! Go, ladies~!