Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ten Months!

The kidlet turned 10 months old last week. Sometimes it's hard to believe she's already almost a year old. It seems as if just a few weeks ago I was complaining about being fat and pregnant and worrying that I would go into labor the same weekend the hub was going to be gone.

But here we are, 10 months later.

We are doing lots of fun and exciting things including pulling up, crawling everywhere, cruising on furniture, eating finger foods like crackers and cheese bits and "talking." She loves Peek-a-boo and "So Big!" and loves to "sing" songs with me (and by singing I mean screeching at a pitch only dogs should be able to hear).

She has to be involved with everything the kiddo is doing (which usually leads to a lot of "MOMMY! She's touching me/my toys/the air" whining) or be by one of us. She's a lot more determined than the kiddo was at this age and we think she'll be walking by the time she turns one.

Visually, she looks so much like her older brother: the same stocky stature, red hair, wide-spaced teeth and goofy grin. It looks like she might have inherited the hub's curls (Yay!) and gray/green eyes as opposed to the stick straight hair and brown eyes the kiddo got from me.

She's a sweetheart and we just lub her so much!

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kmm0305 said...

She looks so grown up already! I'm sure you will get that all time time with both. "Oh, she's only three? She looks like she is seven!" :P Can't wait to see the red heads on Sunday.