Sunday, September 20, 2009


My DSLR started acting up a few months ago - the auto focus wasn't working right and I couldn't get it to take pictures half the time.

In typical fashion, I let it sit in the camera bag for a good month before taking it out and remembering "oh yeah, it doesn't work."

And so I would put it back in the camera bag and forget about it for another month wherein I would take it out and remember "oh yeah, it doesn't work."

And I would look at the little error code that popped up on the display screen and I would tell myself "Okay, I need to remember that, so I can Google it and figure out what I need to do."

And, inevitably, I would forget. Because that's how I roll. I can remember random facts about celebrities or pop culture, but I can't remember the important things to save my life. But I kick butt at Trivial Pursuit, 90's edition!

So this past week I was slow at work while my Mac was being fixed. And I remembered! Well, kind of. I had a vague idea of what the error code said, so I Googled approximations until I came up with something that sounded about right.

And you know what? It was the easiest fix ever. All I had to do was take a regular old pencil eraser to the lens/camera body connections. That's it.

It worked like a charm! I haven't had any issues so far (knock on wood). I also haven't taken many pictures since I fixed it, so only time will tell.

I practiced taking some pictures of the kidlet using the available light from the big window seat in the dining room. I think I need a lot more practice with that. I also need to practice focusing and holding the camera steady when I have the flash turned off. Oh well, it's all a learning curve, right?

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