Monday, September 21, 2009

My dream life vs. my real life.

In my head, I have the ideal way of how my days would go:

up at 6 with a workout, showered ready and in to work by 8. Home and dinner eaten by 7, kids in bed by 8 and me in bed by 10.

It never, ever happens that way. Lately, we've been rolling out of bed closer to 7:30 and I've been getting into work closer to 9 (thank goodness for flexible bosses!!). We don't get home until almost 6 and dinner isn't usually eaten until almost 8. That means the kids don't get to bed until 9 (which then has an affect on getting them up and out of bed the next morning) and by the time we do our things around the house, I don't get to bed until almost midnight.

I really need to change that. But I'm having a very difficult time actually doing anything about it. I'm just not a morning person - ask anyone who's lived with me. And I think our kids have inherited that trait. We need to do something, though. I don't remember the last time I actually had time to style my hair before work!


WinterBlog said...

My husband and I just had this same conversation...we need to stop acting like we are in college and can go to bed at midnight! When you get it all figured out let me know the trick!

Emilia said...

Yes Kari, you not a morning person :) I do know that!
I do not know if I have told you already, but I have also a blog, but it´s in Swedish, but please stop by sometime.
Kram, emilia

kmm0305 said...

Just wait until G goes to school and has to be up/ready by 7:15 or so. ;) And then needs to be in bed early. This helped move mealtimes up, too, but still doesn't help the fact that John doesn't get home until after 6pm.