Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Where has the time gone?

How can it be September already?

And how can my sweet baby girl be 11 months old?

She's just so big! She's also going to be the reason the hub and I go gray. The girl has figured out how to climb up the stairs by herself and now even likes to climb up her big brother's step stool in the bathroom so she can play in the sink.

She's a tad goofy, too, just like big brother.

And the kiddo? Well, he's practically big enough to drive.

Pretend drive the tractors at the State Fair anyway...

We're up to our necks in projects for the house: repainting, reroofing, cleaning, decluttering and general fix-it-upping in preparation to sell the house sometime this year.

We've been so busy I didn't even commemorate my 1-year blogiversary in July. And things are just going to continue to be busy the next few months with football games and anniversaries, birthday parties, potential train rides and more football games. Have I mentioned we like football in this household? Not to mention preparing (hopefully) for a move. Never mind the fact that 1) our current house isn't ready to be put on the market 2) we still haven't finalized any details with the guys and 3) we don't have anything to move into once those details are finalized. Details, schmetails, right??

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