Monday, October 19, 2009

i heart faces - pink week

This week it's all about Pink on iheartfaces. The challenge was to show something that represents Pink Week to you.

Like everyone, I've been touched by breast cancer. My dad's sister had a round with it a decade ago, some very dear internet friends have battled the cancer beast. One is NED for nearly five years, another is still doing everything she can to beat her cancer beast (both of these women were diagnosed in their 30s!). My photo isn't as touching or endearing as some of the other photos on there, but I'm still proud to post it.

I call this "Self-Portrait in Pink" and I took it right before I left the house around 7:20 am to head to the 5k for breast cancer I walked in a week ago. (FYI, there were more than 12,000 registrants for the race and it raised more than $233,490 for free mammograms and other breast-care services for local women in need. AWESOME!).

I rarely have photos of me, and self portraits are even more rare (because they never seem to turn out well - hello chin!), but sometimes it's fun to put a face to the person writing all these words (right?)

So here I am, in all my early morning, bleary-eyed glory. Have I mentioned I'm not a morning person?

It was so worth it. The walk was an incredible experience for me and I'm so glad I could do it this year. I even found out that I placed second in my age bracket for walkers! How cool is that! Some day I hope to do the 3-day walk.

Please, please stop on by iheartfaces and see what Pink Week means to everyone there.


Reid said...

Priceless!!!! Awesome pic!

homemakerchronicles said...

You are beautiful at 7am...I'm impressed! I look like death warmed over at that hour! Great picture

Alice said...

great shot and a nice way to document your walk! a little early in the morning for me, too - lol!

i have my shot posted now, too. feel free to come on over and visit anytime :O)

Anonymous said...

You go girl!!