Sunday, October 11, 2009

It was a great morning

to walk a 5K. A little chilly, but I battled that with long underwear, lots of layers and cute pink scarf, hat and mittens.

It was an absolutely amazing experience. Including the late registrations this morning, there were almost 12,000 entrants. I'd say it was a good mix of runners and walkers, plus there was a 1 mile fun walk that was geared towards families.

They had opening ceremonies about 20 minutes before the race started, had some speakers and then a lovely prayer and song led by some hospital employees. Each year the race hands out a certain color of shirt for entrants to wear - this year it was brown. All you could see for hundreds of yards was brown shirts. It was so cool!

I finished my walk in right around 40 minutes. I was definitely power walking, and my legs are going to pay for it later! How sad is it that I can almost walk a 5K as fast as I can run it?

After I went through the finish like, I walked back to where I'd parked my car. It happened to be on the same street as the last leg of the race, so I stood and watched the rest of the walkers go by. Of course, after the race was done I remembered I'd brought my camera and left it in my car. I did take a self-portrait before I left for the race, but I'm planning on using that for iheartfaces Pink week. So that will have to wait.

I would definitely do this race again, maybe even run it one year! Some day I hope to do the 3-day walk, too. How amazing would that be?!?

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