Monday, October 12, 2009

It's official, we have a walker!

The kidlet has been taking more and more steps on her own lately. She's even almost walked across the room a few times (as long as she's holding something in her hands and is distracted from the fact she's actually walking!)

Video proof from tonight:

She was walking towards the dog (which she can say, kind of) and the hub and was rewarded for her efforts by sloppy, slobbery, germ-infested dog kisses (which she loves - I just prefer not to think about it).

She even decided to go for round two five minutes later.

It's so fun to watch her wobbly, tentative steps (which we affectionally call the Drunk Monkey walk). I'm not sure if I'm ready to have another biped child, though. She's already wicked fast when she wants to be and has a tendency to get into trouble. If we turn our backs even for a second, she's headed straight for the stairs. She loves to play in the sink in the bathroom, and has figured out how to climb up her brother's step stool to reach the water.

Oh Lordy, she will be the reason I go gray, I just know it!

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